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Our Evolution

Hati Suci (pronounced “ha-tee soo-chee”) means “Clear” or “Pure” Heart.

Our Aim was to create a peaceful affordable sanctuary for people to holiday in or retreat to. 

With an eye on sustainability and being conscious of the impact that extensive building is having on Bali we wanted to build simple yet beautiful accommodation in tranquil surroundings with minimal impact on natural resources. 

With those aims in mind we have tried to retain the terracing of the original ricefields, and have put as much of the land as possible to vegetable production.

The houses are all antique traditional wooden Javanese houses, and where needed, we have sourced reclaimed wood for additional timber.

It is always a work in progress as the gardens mature, maintenance occurs and the needs of our clients become apparent.

If you want to hear more of how we have created Hati Suci, please do not hesitate to ask, we would be glad to tell you more.

We hope that you find yourselves able to relax and fully appreciate our magical surroundings, and with the help of our friendly staff, enjoy your stay.

Conscious Living

Our two natural wormery septics are fed by the kitchen, bathroom and toilet waste. Both systems feed through a gravel waste water garden into a fish pond. We use no chemicals to process our waste.

We collect rain off the roofs and collect them in two underwater collection tanks that hold approximately 50,000 litres. We then filter the water and provide that for you in your water dispensers in the kitchens. The showers, baths and kitchen sink taps are unfiltered rain water. In the dry season water reserves are topped up using the  local public water system.

Kitchen food scraps are collected from each of the kitchens on a daily basis and go to the production of compost.

We have a close neighbouring property called Rahasia Manis, who developed their land at the same time as us. We respectfully ask guests to be aware of noise and ask that no music is played after 10pm and noise is kept to a minimum.

Reviews by Guests

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