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Hati Suci

Banjar Bayad, Kedisan

Tegallalang, Ubud



+62 859 36177827





From the Arjuna Statue in Ubud, Hati Suci is just under 12 kilometres. It will take you about 20 minutes by scooter.


At the Arjuna statue head up the road to the north towards Tegalalang. After 2.2kms you will pass under a big arch over the road. In green letters it says “Salamat Datang Tegalalang”

1km after that you take a right turn. There is a blue temple sign on the right and underneath the blue sign is a green sign which says PURA GERIA, SAKTI MENUABA and KENDRAN.

On the left side of the road there is a partly obscured green sign saying KENDRAN, GRIA SAKTI, TAMPAKSIRING

After turning right there, follow the road without taking any turns off it, for 8.5kms.

After a sharp bend to the left and then to the right you will see on the left a tarmac road leading downwards towards the cemetery and jungle. It has a black and white low metal gate on it. Drive around the gate and park half way down where you will see a concrete path leading through the rice fields. You will see our property to the left across the rice fields. All have terracotta tiled roofs.

Follow the narrow concrete path towards the houses.

The first building you come across is the office and reception. 

You will probably meet Ita there. Our Manager.

(You have missed the turn  and the black and white metal barrier if you pass a woodcutters on your right, or enter the village of Bayad.)




If you are meeting the Tegallalng Road further north 

From Tegalalang Market and Keliki , head north up the Tegalalang road with Tegalalang market on your left. 

0.6 kilometres after you pass the market take the turning on your right, up a small incline. 

The turn is opposite a sign making shop and you turn between a small volleyball field, on the left, and a corner shop on the right.

Carry on along that winding road, passing through two villages.

After 3.7km you will reach a T junction in the village of Kedisan, with Pura Puseh, Pura Penataren Pasek directly in front of you. Turn right here.

Carry on through the next village until you reach another T junction with the Banjar Bale on your left hand side. This is the village of Bayad. Turn right.

After 0,5 km, (after the woodcutters on your left) and before you reach a left bend in the road you will see, on the right, a tarmac road leading downwards towards the cemetery and jungle.

Now follow the narrow concrete path towards the houses with terracotta tile roofs. These are the houses of Hati Suci.



Ubud centre       25 minutes

Seminyak            1 hour 15 minutes

Airport                1 hour 30 minutes

Sanur                   1 hour

Padang Bai         1 hour 15 minutes

Mount Batur      40 minutes



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